The Fastest, Simplest Way to Measure Scope 3 Impact

Measuring Scope 3 (indirect) impact is notoriously hard due to supply chain complexity, a lack of data and limited visibility. Planet Price is changing all that.

Leveraging globally accepted best practice methodologies and datasets, Planet Price makes measuring Scope 3 impacts simple, fast, reliable and accurate. 

Measure Greenhouse Gases and More - Carbon is important, but so is land use, water consumption, and toxic emissions
Complex Analysis Made Easy - Simplify the process of measuring your environmental impact using a single monetary metric
Results in Days, not Months - Powerful AI automation significantly reduces the time it takes to conduct complex Scope 3 analyses


How Can You Reduce Your Scope 3 Impact
and Achieve More Sustainable Procurement?

EVERYTHING your organization does has an impact. And we’re not just talking CO2.

Understanding that impact is the first step in moving towards more sustainable and circular procurement.

The Planet Price Sustainable Procurement Analytics Platform equips you with everything you need to quickly and easily measure your Scope 3 impact across multiple planetary boundaries. 

View our 2-minute explainer video to discover how.

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Scope 3 briefing paper

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