The Fastest, Simplest Way to Measure Scope 3 Impact

Measuring Scope 3 (indirect) impact is critical, as it can represent up to 80% of your organization's environmental footprint. But it's notoriously hard due to supply chain complexity, a lack of data and limited visibility.

Planet Price is changing all that.

Leveraging globally accepted best practice methodologies and datasets along with the latest technologies, Planet Price makes measuring Scope 3 impacts simple, fast, reliable and accurate. 

Measure Greenhouse Gas and Beyond - GHG is important, but so are other planetary boundaries such as land, water, ozone, air pollution, eutrophication, human health and ecotoxicity
Complex Analysis Made Easy - Simplify the process of measuring your environmental impact using a single monetary metric
Results in Weeks, not Months - Powerful AI automation significantly reduces the time it takes to conduct complex Scope 3 analyses


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